The Brummer & Partners MathDataLab

Conference on the

Mathematics of Complex Data

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Stockholm, Sweden, June 13-16, 2022

Finally restrictions are being removed in Stockholm and we look forward to welcoming you.


The Brummer & Partners MathDataLab at the Department of Mathematics at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm is organizing an international conference on the Mathematics for Complex Data . The aim of the conference is to bring together leading experts in the field and highlight recent advances in mathematics related to data-analysis and artificial intelligence. The conference is intended to cover a broad range of topics with emphasis on data analysis, including algebra and topology, probability and statistics, applied harmonic analysis, and optimization.


The following is a snippet of topics covered in the conference.

Algebraic statistics

Applied harmonic analysis

Computational methods for complex data

Control and optimisation in machine learning

High-dimensional statistics

Mathematics of deep learning

Stochastic analysis in learning

Topological data analysis


The program consists of plenary lectures (60 minutes) and about 12 invited sessions (3x30 min presentations). Information about invited sessions will be updated as they are confirmed. The conference will begin at lunch time on June 13 and finish in the afternoon on June 16.

Plenary speakers
Anna Gilbert (University of Michigan)

Kathryn Hess Bellwald (EPFL)

Mauro Maggioni (Johns Hopkins Universiy)

Eric Moulines (Ecole Polytechnique)

Bernd Sturmfels (Berkeley/MPI Leipzig)

Joel Tropp (Caltech)

Sara van de Geer (ETH, Zurich)

Popular lecture by Patrick Cheridito (ETH, Zurich)

Confirmed invited speakers

Carlos Amendola (TU Munich)

Simon Arridge (University College London)

Haim Avron (Tel Aviv U)

Paul Breiding (TU Berlin)

Pratik Chaudhary (UPenn)

Frederic Chazal (INRIA)

Alain Durmus (ENS Paris-Saclay)

David Eklund (DTU Denmark)

Hamza Fawzi (Cambridge)

Sebastian Goldt (CNRS, Paris)

Xin Guo (UC Berkeley)

Anders Hansen (Cambridge)

Andreas Hauptmann (U Oulu)

Arthur Jacot (EPFL)

Emily King (Colorado State U)

Kathlén Kohn (KTH) 

Felix Krahmer (TU Munich)

Kaie Kubjas (Aalto) 

Antonio Lerario (Sissa) 

Peter Maas (U Bremen)

Michael Mahoney (Berkeley)

Pierre Nyquist (KTH)

Huyen Pham (Paris 7)

Maxim Raginsky (UIUC)

Peter Richtarik (KAUST)

Talmon Ronen (Technion)

Grant Rotskoff (Courant)

Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb (Cambridge)

Martina Scolamiero (KTH)

Anna Seigal (Harvard)

Liam Solus (KTH)

Kostas Spiliopolous (Boston U)

Matti Vihola (Jyväskylä)

Chao Zhou (National University of Singapore)


The workshop will be held at KTH's main campus on Valhallavägen in central Stockholm.

You can find a map of KTH's campus here.


Accommodation at recommended hotels in Stockholm can be booked during registration. 


Registration will open in spring 2022. Please register under the appropriate category. Student category includes PhD students and postdocs. Accommodation can be booked during registration. 


Registration fee (SEK excl. tax)

Conference dinner (SEK excl. tax)




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before April 1


Extensive information about getting to Stockholm and KTH can be found here. The following is a brief summary:

By train

The university campus is situated near the subway (and bus) station Östra Station. When arriving by train to Stockholm Central Station, the subway can be accessed at a lower level (compared to where the train arrives) at the station. Follow the signs and take the red subway line towards "Mörby Centrum", exit at "Tekniska högskolan" (third stop from Stockholm C).

By plane

Via Arlanda Airport (ARN)

From Arlanda Airport take either the express train "Arlanda Express" or commuter rails to Stockholm Central Station. The express train can be accessed from terminals 2 and 5, whereas the commuter rail can be accessed only from Terminal 5 (from "Sky City"). Tickets are available from ticket booths or from the machines, both within the arrival hall (it is not possible to purchase a ticket on either train).

Via Bromma Airport (BMA)

There are both shuttle and local buses going from Bromma Airport to Stockholm Central Station. For the airport shuttle, tickets are sold at the airport Pressbyrån newsagents, at the self-service payment machine at the bus stop, and on board the coach. For local buses, tickets must be purchased in advance; please see SL's webpage for more information, including routes and schedules.


Steering committee

Mats Boij (KTH)

Henrik Hult (KTH)

Per-Gunnar Martinsson (University of Texas)
Konstantin Mischaikow (Rutgers University)

For questions and further details please contact:

Henrik Hult (hult [at] kth.se), KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden